BLOG -Summer 2017

Day 29 (08/06/17)

The last night was probably the hardest night on this trip for me. After Shabbat ended, we all went out to eat dinner at a restaurant. We had a nice little banquet where we all got to sit and eat together. This was also where

Day 28 (08/05/17)

We began our final Shabbat  by driving to the old city and going to the Kotel. After lighting the shabbat candles, the men headed over to their side, and the women to their own; we met up by the wall dividing us, and began singing

Day 27 (08/04/17)

Today was a nice, calm day after our busy week. We began our day by going shopping on Ben Yehuda. The streets were filled with a ton of people rushing and shopping but it was a lot of fun being able to see all of

Day 26 (08/03/17)

It was a clear and misty morning as I walked over to the synagogue for an 8:30 shachrit service. After the service, we enjoyed breakfast of eggs, bread, cereal, and 20 different types of salad, I had Israeli of course. The breakfast was filled with Talmudic debates, people

Day 25 (08/02/17)

Day 25 began with two options. The underclassmen of our bus went to visit the Hertzl Museum while the upperclassmen (including myself) went to a gap year fair. At the fair, we had the opportunity to learn about various different gap year programs throughout Israel

Day 24 (08/01/17)

Tisha Ba’av is one of the six fast days in the Jewish calendar, so I started the evening by eating a big dinner consisting of pasta and an apple. Before the first program of the evening, we changed out of any leather shoes and dressed

Day 23 (07/31/17)

Today we went to the Biblical Museum of Natural History. It was very cool, we learned about different animals’ significance in the Torah. After the presentation, we got to hold the animals. There were chicks, turtles and lizards. I even got to hold the big

Day 22 (07/30/17)

A few years ago my mom traveled to Israel. When she returned she told me about the City of David and how crucial it is that I visit it due to its beauty. Since the beginning of the summer I’ve been hoping to visit this

Day 19 (07/27/17)

Thursday morning, I woke up ready to enhance my Israel experience to the highest degree. Our plan for the day was to first visit Yad Vashem, a holocaust memorial, and then head to the Western Wall, the last remanent of the second temple. What I

day 18 (07/26/17)

Imagine you can’t see. You don’t know colors, you don’t even know light from dark. The average person physically can’t comprehend what it is like. It’s something most people never experience in their life. Today, we got pretty close. We went to a place called